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Inclement Weather for game night?

Saturday morning ... we are waiting for inclement weather! I am never sure in Georgia what this means. The news people always over plan and the stores clear out of all their bread, milk and bottled water. Seriously folks ... this is Georgia, not Maine!

Tonight is game night at the Cleavers! So, so fun. All of our friends are gathering for a yummy dinner and games at the Cleaver house. I am so excited and the day will drag on forever! But ... I have laundry to catch up and a photo project to finish on the stairs, so today should be a productive day! I will post photos once the photos on the stairs are finished. I have to say, I am loving it! Being stuck in the house yesterday with a sick Little Mister gave me a start to this project and I am hoping to finish it today. I have been wanting to do this for so long, I can not believe I am finally pulling it together.

So, 11 hours to game night. I have so much to do!!! A house to tidy and projects to finish. Ofcourse, while I am dodging all the inclement weather ...

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