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Sick people need soup!!!

Ofcourse ... with Lawyer out of town all three kids are sick! Does that not beat all? The only thing that makes it better for me (I am dark and twisty) is that Lawyer himself is really sick! We are talking fever, chills, sneezing, coughing, full on flu! So he keeps calling me all pathetic from Texas telling me how sick he is ... and what am I to do for him? Babycakes has a wicked cough and an ear infection and the boys have the same wicked cough. I took her to the urgent care yesterday at 10:00 am and sat in the waiting room for an hour with a hundred people with the same cough!!! The verdict from the doctor ... the cough goes with a bad virus circling around and the ear infection needed drugs. I am so tempted today to take the boys to the ped today and ask for meds. Their cough is keeping me up at night and can't be restful for them either!

So ... my favorite story ... as I am checking out at the urgent care Lawyer calls me to tell me, once again, how sick he is! The doctor hears this conversation between us and says to me ... please tell him he is four states away and an adult ... he can take care of himself! Loved it!!! Felt good about it all day!

1 comment:

  1. Hope everyone gets better soon! They don't have haircuts this week do they? You need to keep sicky germs at home, and I will send hugs through the air.

    My therapy always works for a slightly more peaceful sick day- Children's Nyquil around the clock! They seem to want to take a nap...



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