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Easter Egg Hunt ... for 300!

Hey ... sorry you probably thought I was still at the hospital visiting Paper Baby. I was there all morning on Thursday, but I am home again. He is the sweetest baby. Very cute and so very sweet! He fusses a little and then curls back up, sucks his passy and goes right back to sleep! She is going to be very lucky!!

This week has been sucked up by kids, schedules, single parenting and oh ... heading up the Easter Egg Hunt for our neighborhood. You would think by the amount of plastic eggs I have in the house we are planning on thousands attending! My parents arrived yesterday and asked ... are you in charge of the hunt for the neighborhood (only 300 homes) or the church (5000 members)? No ... just the neighborhood!

Yesterday afternooon I read to Little Mister's kindergarten class. I love kindergarten. It is such a pure, honest age. They have no problem telling you exactly what they think or sharing all kinds of information from home. Oh, the information Little Mister's teacher must get from our house. I just pray she has a good sense of humor! Surely she has heard things worse than my mom really doesn't like her panties, right?

Ok .. I am off to sort the mass of plastic eggs upstairs into age groups. The fun eggs are the over 7 group. They have money in them. When the eggs started arriving with the little jingle Little Lawyer decided maybe it was not too late to sign himself up. I mean ten dimes do make a dollar!

Have a great day ... the weather here is set for Perfect!


1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap! How many eggs did you have? I know that for the boys and nephews, we had 150. it took them about 5 minutes to find them all.
    Fun Stuff!



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