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My new soon to be BFF ...

Ok ... just spent the last hour (or so) reading my partners blog. She is super cute and so me!!! I should have done this before I sent her a gazillion questions but oh well.

I wanted to share this photo with you that I got from her blog. It is so strange how similar we are! Her favorite color is green (I love green), she sews and monograms (I only monogram), she is super preppy (me too) and she loves to monogram things (remember I said I would monogram my kids if I could?)! We are perfect partners! The photo is her laptop which she mentions her husband does not use for obvious reasons. My car is monogrammed in the same style in white. Lawyer is mortified to drive it with my very large monogram on the back end. Oh ... like his bright yellow jeep wrangler blends in? The funniest thing of all ... our monograms are only one letter different. Isn't that odd?



  1. so I guess its safe to say if I would love it so would you! This really is going to be alot of fun!!!

  2. I want one of those for my laptop, too! Where do I find it?

  3. I want the laptop thing too. Link the how to please...

  4. i wish i had known about the swap...but i still owe maggi a monogrammed bag from last summer! i wonder if she would accept a towel instead?

  5. so love the mono laptop skin, where can I find one? I am with you, love to have things with my monogram. I especially use my mono for my photography (aRt)



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