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Super Secret Saturday Cereal

Ok ... so now did I move to Colorado? Yesterday I was wearing flip flops when the kids were outside playing and today I wake up to SNOW!!! Seriously? WTH??? We (the girls) have plans to go out tonight and this is not going to change our very fun plans. I already have an outfit picked out and when that happens plans for me do not change! I am going somewhere in that very cute outfit.

So ... strict organic mommy makes one exception on Saturday mornings! Secret Saturday Cereal!!! The kids wait all week for this treat. Currently we have two choices ... Lawyer's Captain Crunch or the kids Fruit Loops with marshmellows. So Lawyer pours Babycakes a bowl of cereal and sets it on the table. She looks into the bowl and up at him. She says "That is not secret cereal." He says to her ... "ofcourse it is." Her comment ... "but where are the marshmellows?" Lawyer ... don't be thinking you can be lazy and just get out one box and pour it into two bowls ... she's too quick for that one!


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