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Home again ... home again!

Why is re-entry so hard? Could it be that one never wants good, stress free times to end? Who wants to leave this and come back to laundry, errands, lists and chaos? Anyone?

So much to do and I am getting a rough start!! The only thing I have managed to do since coming home was shower (yum!), drink coffee, read up on everyone's blogs and run to Scotts yesterday to antique. I know ... I am a sloth!!

Will post details later ... we had a blast! It was a great week! Hope the week was great for you!

(and ... yes the photo is REAL! And yes Lawyer ... I did take it!)



  1. Great photo! Glad you're home and can't wait to see the pics!

  2. What a beautiful pic! I wouldn't have wanted to leave, either.



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