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I finally gave up ...

... looking for the hot barista Babycakes thought had moved into my kitchen. Very, very sad! So at 5 pm tonight I made my own coffee. I am so pooped today and I really have no idea why!

It could not have anything to do with the terror that somehow came into my home and took away my cutie Babycakes and left me with this thing that is making me crazy!!! WTF??? She has become so difficult in the last couple of days. I was really thinking it was due to the baby hamsters we were babysitting for June Cleaver but now I am pretty convinced it is just a phase. I hope ... please Lord let this be a phase!! Or let me find some wine company who delivers. every. freaking. day!!!

So my dear friend MAC gave me some great parenting advice. She told me to nip the attitude in the bud and introduce her to the naughty chair! This would be a chair in the dining room (completely dull room to her) facing the wall with nothing to see or do. She should stay there until she calms down and pulls it together. I am all about this ... perfect! So ... 1pm - Babycakes gets introduced to the chair. And the introduction does not go well. She hates it!!! Perfect! She should be back to normal in a matter of days.

As she is falling asleep after hours of naughtyness and quality time with the naughty chair I ask her if she is feeling ok. I am beginning to think she may be getting sick. What else could have come over my precious little Babycakes??? So ... she says no - she does not feel well.

Me: Does your ear hurt?
Her: No.
Me: Does your throat hurt?
Her: No.
Me: Do you have a headache? (possibly from the hours of fit throwing?)
Her: No.
Me: Baby ... what hurts? What is bothering you?
Her: My heart. My heart hurts. The naughty chair broke my heart!

Oh, crap ... I am toast! This chick is good!!!!




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