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No dust for us, thank you!

We have been cleaning all day! And this house feels so clean - so much better! I love the smell of a clean house. Lawyer has gone through an entire box of Swiffer dusters and my plantation blinds and ceiling fans are sparkling!
After the kids finished their chores they headed downstairs. It has been a marathon day of movies for them and tons of play time. They have loved playing with all of Little Mister's birthday presents. He got tons of Hot Wheels, some trick tracks and a 4 way racetrack. He loves them all. We bought him a holder for his cars that hangs on his closet door. It is way cool and he has already organized them all and the organizer is up in his room. Thanks to Little Lawyer who is as type A as I am! He completely took charge of the whole project! He also got a cool nerf gun dart board from Mr. Babycakes (aka Hair Girl's J). It is way cool and I have played with it just as much as they have.
We are pet sitting for June Cleaver this weekend. One cat, 11 fish and two baby hamsters. Yes sir!!! Little Lawyer loves to pet sit .... it is great money for him. All of the kids have loved the hamsters!!! Babycakes is obsessed with them and they have gotten tons of exercise while they have been here. She loves to watch them roll around in their plastic balls. They are really cute and I have to say I have fallen in love as well! But ... I draw the line at little rodents. My Jack Russells would eat them in a matter of days. And that would be Bad Bad!
Heading out in the am to the taste of ... Hope to see you there!

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