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Tag ... I'm it!

I was tagged by Hair Girl to list five random things about myself. Oh there are so many ... but I only get to pick five ...

1. I do not function well, at all, in the morning without a strong cup of coffee. It has to be Seattle's Best Henry's Blend and must be the first cup of the pot. If Lawyer tells me we are out he better be yelling it as he is getting in his car to go get more. Or, it. is. UGLY.

2. I hate to write letters! I love to get them but I do not write them. I am the world's worst thank you writer ... I am absolutely terrible. And and the most confusing part ... I own tons of stationary and most of it is monogrammed. I am not sure why I love to own it cuz I am not writing thank yous with it!

3. I LOVE to give gifts! LOVE it!!! Nothing makes me happier than picking up a little sursey for a friend. And to beat all, I am married to the world's worst gift giver. Truly ... he sucks! One year for Christmas I got a 10 lb. bag of pistachios. No lie. Merry Christmas to me!

4. I HATE to hear people chew ice or crunch in any way. It makes the hair on my neck stick straight out. You should see Lawyer trying to eat his favorite snack, hard pretzels, sitting next to me. I am pretty sure that sucking on them until they are mush takes all of the fun out of eating them.

5. I can not stand little boys, or any boy, with long nails and with any dirt whatsoever! I am famous in my house for clipping your nails a lot and digging the dirt out. And trust me, they hate it! Dirty nails = nasty boys!

I tag:

Sippy Cups
Clemson Girl
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  1. OK, as to the coffee, it is FUGLY not simply UGLY. BTW, I have to make the coffee and then standby until the first cup is poured. Such is life.

    Second, the pistachios were a wonderful gift fully enjoyed. Lasted quite a bit longer than any of those other sentimental things I might have picked out (Additionally, the pistachios did not have a plug).

    Finally, when I have finally found a haven in which to enjoy my pretzels, invariably I am drawn out by the sound of pounding feet and screaming only to find my wife chasing the midgets saying "really I promise I won't use the sharp end of the nail clippers this time" all the while with her free hand and fingers crossed behind her back.

    Love ya babe - Lawyer!

  2. Okay, at the risk of getting all misty-eyed, you guys are just too cute! I love the blog! :-)



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