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Girl power rocks!

Babycakes and I had a great night together. We finished dinner and watched High School Musical 2. She sang the whole movie. Seriously! She is too cute and we had a great time!

Lawyer and the boys came home about 9:30. They were pooped. Very. Long. Week!

We just watched Grey's from last night. Awesome! I am totally pysched. It was the best show in a very long time! Lawyer and I had a great night. Just hanging and watching. Made out in the commercials. All in all way cool!

He asked me how was my day 1 to 10. Morning was maybe a 5 ... fight with kids before school and coffee was cold once we finally sorted it out. Shopped with my friend Content all morning. She treated me to a Latte and a scone. That made it an 8 ... quality time tonight with Babycakes and now Lawyer makes it a 9. Who could ask for more?


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