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If you are faced with the Hundred Acre Woods ...

Ok, so Hair Girl and I had this conversation yesterday and she wanted me to share it with you. We are talking about hair, you know the kind ... down there! And not just yours ... but his too!!! The conversation started with my asking her if Paint Boy trims. One of my friends and I had a conversation and her husband does not. Never even crossed his mind. It surprised me. I guess I thought it was standard operating procedure. Hair Girl and I are in agreement ... if it is large and in charge you need to take control. But apparently this is not happening in every home. I have to say it again, it sort of surprised me. I mean we are not talking about leather, whips and chains (don't get any ideas - so not me!!!) we are talking maintenance. Simple taking care of business. I thought it was pretty straight forward. We are expected to trim and maintain and spend tons of money to wax and endure pain. Hell ... some people even monogram (once again, so not me!!!). So ... I am asking ... what is happening in your house ... heavy trim, slight maintenance or nothing at all? I am just asking ...



  1. Since I am about a week away from delivering baby #2 there is virtually NO maintenance right now! As for Mr. P, I honestly at this point could not even venture a guess!

    But seriously, they should at least maintain it to a minimum, no?

  2. trimming required with mine...but then again, he trims all over. his frat bothers did not nickname him summer sweater for no reason. As for me, I wax...



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