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Swap questions ... answered!

So the Summer Swap is in full swing now and I am busy finishing up my shopping for my partner ...

She has asked me to answer my own questions ... so here goes -

1. Besides pink and green … what other colors do you like?
Chocolate brown, navy and orange
2. What are your favorite things to do?
Shop (I need a program for this one), read magazines, antique, decorate my house and monogram!
3. Where do you shop and what are your favorite things to buy?
JCrew, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Banana and of course TJMaxx!!! I buy all kinds of things, but you will probably see me most days in a skirt, polo or monogrammed t shirt and flops!
4. Do you have any hobbies?
I think Lawyer would say shopping!!
5. What is your monogram? mMp
6. What was the last meal you had? I am a vegetarian ... so usually pretty dull, but last night I had a bowl of Total and Cranberry cereal and a large Vodka Tonic (bad day!!)
7. If you had a free weekend and money was not an option … where would you go? Beach ... no thought necessary!
8. What is your favorite thing to wear? Skirt, polo and flops at the moment. Sometimes I add a cardigan to add some jazz! I am loving my new Tori Burch flops ... I may need some more.
9. On a scale of 1 to 10 … how preppy are you? 7 1/2 ... I do like some of the cute things out that are not always super preppy!
10. On a rainy day … what do you like to do? Curl up on the sofa with a handful of magazines and my monogrammed throw and read forever!
11. Favorite preppy designers? Lilly and VV
12. Favorite preppy accessories? Pearls, Gumball necklaces and enamel bracelets
13. Any other favorite things? I am easy ... I like lots of things!
14. Do you collect anything? Tole trays and anything old and beat up!
15. Favorite thing to do in the Summer? Grill, play in the yard for hours, pool and of course the beach!
16. What most makes you think of Summer? Vegetables off the grill, bubbles and the stack of pool towels which seems to stay on my dryer.
17. Favorite treat/drink? Sweet tea and iced nonfat lattes!
18. Any thing else you think I should know that I completely left out? That pretty much tells you about me ... anything else you want to know?

I love swaps ... and summer should be the best so far!!!


  1. I love reading your blog but my question is- why are you up at 5:00 am?

  2. OH I am a vegetarian too...I like to have the cerial too after a long hard day. Have you tried The Kashi Crunch cerial? It has lots of protein!

  3. Thanks for the answers. I am cracking up that your dinner was cereal and a vodka tonic!! Too funny!



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