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Just call me surf girl ...

Yes, I will be spending my day in the surf. All day!!! Not going any further into the ocean after yesterday's trauma. Not happening for me. No, thank you!!

The surf yesterday was really rough. It was absolutely perfect for the oversized innertubes the mommies bought at the market. All of us in big huge preppy colored tubes. What could be better?

Little Mister decided he wanted to use mine yesterday. Sounds great. He laid on his belly in the tube and rode the waves and I pulled him over them as they crashed. We were having a great time. Then ... it was over!

I felt something on my leg. Sharp pain and yuck stuck to the back of my leg behind the knee. Some scary words and pain later I finally got Little Mister and I out of the water to find burn marks on the back of my knee. And they hurt, BAD. The kind where you want to use bad language. A LOT. But, I was good and refrained. Urine did not work. Sand did not work. I sat in the tube in the sand and tried not to cry. Slowly it went away and the redness faded after swimming in the pool later.

Today it is all better. But, I must say ... my time swimming with the scary creatures is over for this trip.

Just call me surf girl ... and maybe later ... pool and cocktail girl.


1 comment:

  1. Was it a sandshark? I was "burned" by a sandshark once and it hurt like a MoFo.

    Loving the updates. I'm directing people from my blog to yours and hair girl's for some summer fun. ;)



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