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The gangster bowler ...

Little Mister made a request the other day. He asked me to buy him a hoodie sweatshirt "without a zipper please" and with pockets. Not a problem, right? Unless of course if it is JULY and sweatshirts are not readily available.

So ... we headed to the Big T and to Wallyworld and no luck. Shocking ... I know!

Well, he was completely bummed out and I was not really sure how to fix the problem.

Enter my friend Monogrammed Tahoe. She just happened to have two in the warehouse his size that she offered him. We went by today and she offered them up. That little boy grinned from ear to ear and did not stop. He was SO EXCITED! He immediately put it on and is currently still wearing it.

After the warehouse we headed to the bowling alley. The boys and one friend decided it was a great afternoon activity. Well, Little Mister is wearing the hoodie and has the hood on. Full on looks like a gangster. Not to mention has his hands in the pockets ... oh yes, he is wearing a look!

So ... as he bowls he has the look down pat. He puts up the hood, bowls, stands back, puts his hand in his pockets, strikes a pose and then walks away and puts down the hood. Next time it is his turn same story all over again. For two hours. Hysterical!!

Yes, it was me Little Lawyer and his friend and the gangster. We were quite the show! Sorry you missed it!



  1. I hope you took a picture! How cute!

  2. I can just see it now! Did he bowl in his crocs or did you pry him into bowling shoes?

  3. thats cute! I know I look like a total weirdo - but sometimes I love putting on a sweatshirt even though it might be 85 degrees outside. He is not alone :)



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