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My, my ... my!!!

Oh my goodness. So many comments ... it makes a girl feel so good. Sometimes I wonder if I am just talking to myself. Ok, I do, but we do not need to let Lawyer know his fears are true!

Keep em coming ... if I get 38 I will send out a sursy to a random commenter that Babycakes picks out of a one of her cute new purses she seems to be totting around these days.

To answer a question ... yes I do make monogrammed koozies for sale. It is one of the ways I help pay for Little Mister's therapy and all the "yummy" crazies that entails. Since Little Mister currently does not have a "diagnosis" none of his private therapy is paid for by insurance. I had to get creative. I started selling products three years ago and the monogrammed koozie was the first (and still my favorite product). They come in a variety of color combos ... I will be happy to suggest a favorite for anyone interested.

$16 ... includes shipping!!! I ship anywhere ... ok, maybe not to countries I have to spell check.

I will be happy to make and ship them where ever you would like them ... they are super cute and make great gifts. Just ask all my friends ... I will post some photos tomorrow when I am on my computer and not borrowing time on Lawyer's laptop.

Have a great one ... and keep commenting!


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