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Preppy Paper Swap ...

Mom x 2 is hosting a paper swap. I am thrilled to be a part of this preppy little event. I have been matched with the Preppy Engineer which is very exciting!! I will be shopping for her goodies later this week. I will post tons of pics ... don't worry.

Stay tuned ...

(Photo above from the Macbeth Collection ... to see more visit here.)


  1. Hi The Pink Clutch!! I was able to get in front of a computer. here are the answers' to the questions I am supposed to enter.
    My favorite colrs are hot pink, turquoise and lime green.
    I especially love crabs, whales and butterflies.
    I entertain a few times a month. It can range form casual cocktails to a formal sit down dinner. I Love entertaining.
    My monogram is JAI
    J for Joy
    A for Ammer (maiden name)
    I for Irwin (last name)

    I have two boys and their monograms are

    JAI 8 yrs old and goes by Addison
    MJI 16 yrs old and goes by Michael

    I am really looking forward to getting your information.

  2. This is adorable! If you live around nyc you must check out Kate's'll fall in love



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