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Work late hours ... get a little sursy ...

I have mentioned I have been working long hours this week. Really long ... til I can no longer see the monograms and the computer. But, it is all worth it. The website is looking strong and we are about 80% ready for mart this weekend.

Yes ... I am debuting at the mart in Atlanta. Let's not talk about it. I get all freaked out when I process the details in my head. For now ... just keep working.

Monday night Clemson Girl showed up to motivate me to keep working. We finished pulling together the office, got all the paperwork sorted and filed, came up with new products and fixed a machine. And she came with iced coffee in hand. How does one pay back that kind of loveliness?

With a custom pair of these ...

Super cute ... and she loved them.

Stay tuned ... you too can have them later this week!



  1. OMG, I am so in love with those flops!!!!!!!! Good luck in ATL!

  2. Do you need a slave for Thursday night? You know I am a whore for flip flops. I will bring the rest of of the makings for "Shore Nuff", if Lawyer makes the tea.

  3. The flip flops are too cute.

  4. My girl friend and I have become addicted to your site! We stumbled upon while you were posting about from your beach trip!
    I love the flip flops! Are you going to be selling them on line?

  5. Those are great!!! Love, love, love.

  6. Just ran across your blog and wanted to say I love those flip flops! So precious!

  7. Those flip flops are sooooo cute!!!

  8. omigod i love those flip flops. where can i get a pair like that?

  9. Please please tell me you're going to sell these too!!!



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