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Fall swap ... my information

Preppy Mama is hosting a Fall swap ... I know old news! Well, we are supposed to exchange information via cutsie little questions ... so here are my answers! Maybe you will find out something interesting about me ...

Do you have any hobbies? Shopping, antiquing and of course ... monogramming everything in sight!

Do you enjoy crafting? I do not enjoy the word itself ... but I am sure I craft all kinds of things since I own a monogramming business.

5 Favorite things you can’t live without. Coffee, Driving with the windows down, Throws for snuggling, Lipgloss and Mixed Nuts

Do you collect anything? Antiques and all things vintage, shoes, tole trays, coffee mugs and apprently flip flops!

Do you have any Children or pets? Three kids, two boys (11 and 7) and one girl (almost 4) and two jack russells.

Favorite things to do in the fall. Eat outside, go apple picking, wear sweaters and driving mocs, drink cider, play in the leaves and read magazines on the sofa.

What makes you think of fall? The leaves falling, the crisp in the air, orange and brown and a new pair of jeans.

Favorite treats? Taffy and caramel creams!!!

Favorite color combo. I have so many ... but pink, grass green, navy and brown seems to be steady for me!

Any allergies? Not really unless you consider my aversion to messes!

Favorite autumn scent? Pumpkin!

Hope that helps!

Enjoy your day ... our weather is windy and a tiche chilly! I love it!!!


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