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Super Mommy ... here she comes!

Ok, after quite a long freak out (don't you think I am entitled) I have a much clearer head. The only thing worse than finding out your 7 year old is custody in house school suspension is to find it out when you are currently in route to Nashville, Tennessee. Because what the hell can you do for anyone when you are driving down the road. (I will say having some cosmos and singing Crazy Bitch at the top of your lungs does help!)

The biggest problem we are having is that Little Mister does not really think through what he is doing. He is impulsive and doesn't always understand how he got to the consequences. And to make matters worse the school response is too over his head and he doesn't completely understand the trouble he is in. He doesn't understand the meaning of the punishment he is receiving he just understands the vp is mad at him and he got in trouble for touching someone at school. So far we are all failing him!

I have a plan for this week at school for Little Mister and I am sure it will make for a better week than last week.

Here it is ...

Call OT - brainstorm with her
Call Psychiatrist - schedule appt for evaluation on my theories
Call an IEP meeting - change behavior management plan with OT present
Purchase TLP - neurological listening therapy
Purchase wine - have one glass each evening
Call Mary Poppins - schedule date night to escape stress
Call The Little Gym - sign up Little Mister for gymnastics class for anxiety outlet
Call Karate studio - sign up Little Mister for classes to help him with self control

I feel much better ... now let's see how it works!



  1. That's it...PROACTIVE is the operative word, although like you, I've often over the years just needed to "have a moment" when something was up with my children.

    I love that you have an action plan. As an educator, I see so many parents make excuses and/or bury their heads in the sand when an issue arises. Nine times out of ten, if they'd just confront the little things head on the challenges could be solved so that they never become big things. You're doing the right thing. I'll be thinking 'bout you all. Good luck!

  2. Oh, darling, Good Luck with all of that. Sounds like you are going to be a busy mama. I would like to be in the Halloween swap, never done one, can you give me a few details, (if you have the time, if not I'll hold on for the next one)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that Little Mister is off to a bit of a rocky start this school year. It sounds like you've got a pretty good action plan going though. Good idea to contact the OT and school psychologist. I know that those are usually my first two contacts when I need an opinion or perspective with a student.

    I'm assuming that he has an IEP in place if you are calling a meeting, so hopefully the committee can come up with some suitable strategies to help him work through this. The transition from K to first grade is difficult for some students, and this could be Little Mister's way of dealing with the anxiety of it.

    I'm an assistant principal in an elementary school, so please feel free to email me at if you need anything.

    Good luck this week!



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