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Wicked Swap ... much better!

Ok, I must say I was quite tipsy last night when I drew names for the swap. I know ... I am ashamed. I thought I could pull it off ... obviously NOT!! Isn't that the worst part ... not realizing how many mojitos you really had.

Just let me warn you - DON'T DRINK AND DRAW ... names that is!

So, I have linked all of the partners (except for 4 of you) and removed all the duplicates and straightened the whole thing out.

Atleast ... I think I have!

If I am missing something ... please let me know!

If you are not linked I can not find your email ... drop me another one and I will link you ...



  1. would love to get a partner for the swap...if you get an another interested

  2. Love it... "don't drink and draw." I always say, "don't drink in shop." That has gotten me into trouble before. :)

  3. hey there, you have me down twice. i have already spoken with old friends and new shoes, so i am not sure what you would like me to do? feel free to email me at - thanks!

  4. otherwise, i wouldn't mind having 2 swap partners - i am open, thanks!

  5. hello, i was on your list and now i am not. sooocute. let me know if you still have a spot! thanks so much

  6. let me know if you have heard from East Coast Jesses...left her comment on her blog since she is my partner and I haven't heard I am now the owner of a swap package to send with no one to send it to. feel free to email me at



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