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For real?

Babycakes falls asleep each night to music. She has a routine ... bath, pajamas, warm milk, blanket , books and then music. She has a small library to chose from ... Disney music, Shout to the Lord or Steve Green's bible songs. It is super sweet and she loves it!!

But not tonight ... as I laid down to read to her Pinkalicious Lawyer turned on her music for us.

I am sorry??? Is that Pink in her CD player?

For real? ... obviously she has been shopping in my music library. She is all about her mergers and acquisitions!!!



  1. That's too cute. You should try Jack Johnson's CD from the Curious George movie. It's kid AND mom friendly!! (I used to play it in my kindergarten classroom.) It's great!!

  2. Hey! She just wanted to get this party started!

    Too funny!



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