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Casanova ...

The boys are so funny about girls. Little Lawyer will be 12 on Tuesday and is still clueless that girls are worth checking out. I love it. He is totally focused on hanging with his friends, playing basketball and working on his grades. His best friend in preschool was a girl and I loved how they just hung and played together. One day he will realize she is a true gem but until then he loves to hang out.

Little Mister is totally different. He is a lover. He is a softie for a girl with yellow hair. He is smooth and seems to prefer older girls. Last year he spent the time waiting for the bus hanging with the fourth and fifth grade girls. One day he will be Little Lawyer's wing man.

He has always had tons of girl friends and now has a "girl friend". Her name is Juliet and she is too cute for words. This afternoon he decided to write her a love note. Totally his idea and the spelling is a little off ...

It says ...

Hi Jooleet! I love you so much and I wood love to kiss you. How bout wednesday?

Too frickin cute ... but my favorite was Little Lawyer's comment ... "Why would he be writing a
letter to a girl? What is he thinking?"




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