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Cold, hard morning!

Sad day. Hazel is gone and this morning it was a rude awakening. Every day for the last five days I wake up at 6:30 am to my children dressed, beds made and every one in a great mood. Today ... it was me ... solo! Lawyer rolled over and said ... it is time to get up, Hazel has gone home!

As a mother those are harsh words. Really ... my wife went home? The woman who has cared for me all week had something better to do? The nerve! She is so on top of things that she washed the clothes I laid out for the next day. Not kidding ... I laid out an outfit the night before to do a trunk show at Clemsongirl's house and the next morning the clothes were gone. Washed and folded in the laundry basket. Not that they were dirty ... I had just taken them out of the closet for the next day, but as she says ... "Clean clothes are put away, not laying around." So there you go.

So today I was all alone and it was rough. Not that the kids were rough but the thought that my loving little mommy that has been my wife all week has left me. And to top it off ... we are out of coffee. I know I am braving the day without my crack. Not gonna be a good one!

I am sad!

1 comment:

  1. It's tough when your Mama leaves. I love the line about clean clothes...LOL Hopefully, she'll be back soon to spoil you rotten.



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