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Normal ...

Normal is a setting on a dryer.
A commenter requested where I located this quote. I must say I am not exactly sure. I know it was a special ed website ... and I immediately fell in love.
What is normal? For me all of my children are unique and perfect! Normal ... well that can only be found as a setting on a dryer ... not as a label for a child!!


  1. I commented to my friend years ago that all I wanted was a "normal"...dinner, movies, etc. relationship. He responded with "the quote". SO...I guess it's applicable in many different situations. Thanks for your post!

  2. Amen to that!! I wish more people realized this.

  3. I love that quote... normal IS just a setting on a blow dryer. Each child is truly a unique individual and deserves to be treated as such.. not just compared to others.

    If you come across the location of the quote, I'd love to visit the site, so please share.

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