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Ice skating 101 ...

Lawyer and I took the kids ice skating today ... they had been begging for over a week to go. Little Mister came home from school one day and made a request. After they finished their chores (in record time) we headed out ...

Both of the little ones were super excited but I was worried ... they had never been!

A couple of times around the wall and she was off ...

.. then she wanted to learn to backwards skate ...

She loved it ... and we never did see Little Mister once his feet hit the ice ...

... she tried to convince Daddy to let her stay past the curfew ...

... he said no! but did let them stay to see the Zambonie!


  1. So cute! So glad they (and you!) had fun.

  2. So much fun! THere is ice skating in the Atlanta area?

  3. How fun! And what adorable kids you have!

  4. We are trying out hand or feet at ice skating too! It has been over 20 years since I put them on and my center of gravity sure has changed!



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