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It is too cold to be creative ...

Seriously ... it is cold!!! I can honestly say I have never experienced 12 degree weather in Atlanta before ... never!!! I am freezing!

I am doing my best to stay inside all day. There is plenty to do around the house ... my only problem is entertaining the kids with movies and legos ... but it might work! I am bundled in flannel pj pants, Lawyers golf socks and a sweatshirt (yes, clemsongirl it really is a sweatshirt ... I think!) and hugging my extra large cup of steaming hot coffee!

I am too cold to post anything super fun ... but I will answer questions!

Got any ... questions that is ... anything you want to ask?


  1. What is your favorite thing to monogram?

  2. Do your kids build Lego creations and put them on shelves all over their rooms?

  3. I don't believe you. I'll need photographic evidence that you are wearing a sweatshirt. Holding today's AJC to prove the date.

    hee hee

  4. Haha! I was thinking the sameee thing today. Just too cold for life. We have 8 degree weather here in NYC.

  5. It's a bit warmer here in the Charleston are but raining and icky...husband is sick and kids are back at school so we've actually had a nice quiet weekend sitting in front of the fire and watching movies.

  6. how did you and hair girl and clemson girl meet? i assume y'all knew each other pre-blogville?

  7. It has been WAY to cold here.



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