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Mrs. Acquisitions and Mergers

Babycakes and Little Lawyer were having a conversation this morning. She asks him to help her get down her piggy bank off the bookcase so that she may put some money in it. He sweetly says ok and they head up to her room.

Two seconds later I hear her burst into tears. She is crying and he is marching back down the stairs.

Seems she "acquired" the money from his savings box in his room and now was planning to put it into her piggy bank.

I am thinking she is just planning ahead. You know for when she is married and has the whole ... "our money is my money conversation". It just seems she has taken it one step further. Why not just use the money he was not "using" to save for herself. (Pretty smart if you were asking for my opinion!)

They worked it out and she is no longer needing to put money into her piggy bank.

That is until she spies Daddy's money on the bathroom counter. I am thinking next time she might ask Little Mister to help her.

I am pretty sure her oldest brother would decline to help her again!


  1. Smart Little Lady! Sounds just like my husband's Marine talk. He will argue that "If it's adrift, it's a gift."

  2. That is so funny! She is one very, very smart young lady :-) {Good Job, Mom ;-)}

  3. Sounds like a smart little girl...



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