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Pay it forward ... the results!

Ok ... I have read through all the Pay it Forward comments and I have to say a lot of you have gotten some crap as gifts!!!

But ... Julie tops it with this comment ...

My worst gift was from my grandmother - bless her heart - so I am not sure it counts but we still laugh about it! One Christmas not too long ago, I got a long bouquet of very fake and very plastic poinsettias. My mom, DH nor myself could figure out what I was supposed to do with it. My mom thought it was to be on a table runner on a dining room table. Tripp, well, he thought it should decorate the trashcan and then I read the box that it was wired into. "Smith florals - beautifying your loved ones final resting place for 50 years." Oh yes, it was a floral arrangement for a headstone. And to top it all off - the plastic flowers were dusty like draw pictures on the petals dusty! 'Cuz you know nothing says Merry Christmas like some flowers for a headstone!

Julie ... send your address to and I will send you a happy!!! And don't forget to pay it forward!!



  1. Bless her heart! I don't even know what to say!

  2. You would think I had made that up - but I have several eye witnesses! She now signs her letters/cards to me, her GRANDDAUGHTER, "love, Aunt Pheobe"! But I cut her LOTS of SLACK as she is about to be 96!



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