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My pharmacist is a friend of mine. Not because I am there a lot but because we are friends outside of his business. His wife is lovely and we are from the same small town. She grew up in the house next door to my best friend in high school. I know ... small world.

Yesterday I saw my favorite drug man and we had a catch up chat. It was good to see him as always. He is such a sweet person and they have an adorable family.

While I was there I mentioned that I needed my anxiety meds refilled. He said he would handle it and I checked it off my list. My gyn always makes me call for a refill and Drug Boy handles that for me. I told you ... love him!

Last night he im-ed me ... here is our conversation ...

Drug boy: Your prescription is ready.
(I think ... wow! what great service!)
Me: Great, thanks I will be in to get it! It was great to see you. Tell your wife I said hello.

And then just as I am moving on he sends another message ...
Drug boy: They said you are due for your annual. Glad I know that.

Lovely! Yes ... it is time to distance myself from sweet Drug Boy ... he now knows I need to see the gyn for the peekaboo!

Just lovely!!


  1. Too funny, almost like a line from Sex and The City!

  2. Oh my...this is exactly the reason why I refused to take my husband's suggestion of using his old college roomate for my Ob/Gyn...

  3. My OB-GYN goes to my church! That is always nice!

  4. too too fun! kinda reminds me of Monday's worst week ever

  5. Deeeee-sgusting....

    But Drug Boy is pretty nice!



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