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Yes ... we really do own Bitty Baby ...

Yesterday June Cleaver and I took our girls to American Girl Cafe in Alpharetta. I had never been there and Babycakes was over the moon with excitement. We went to celebrate Curls' birthday and to spend a gift card Curls had received for her birthday. We own Bitty Baby and so we spent the early part of the morning dressing her and prepping her in her moses basket for the trip.

When we arrived at the store they immediately asked if we would like to chose an American Girl doll. I declined stating that we would like some new clothes for our Bitty Baby but we would not like to purchase anything else right now. They checked out Babycakes holding the baby in the moses basket and seemed a bit odd. I thought they would be a little kinder but they seemed off to me. I could never quite figure out why they were acting so weird.

We made our purchases, ate lunch and then departed. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I loved how cute the whole place was. They provide you with a seat for your baby at the table and even have hooks in the bathroom to hang your dolls on while you use the facilities. It was all painted in Blush and Bashful and Shelby would have been so pleased!

We were driving home and Babycakes asked me to dress her baby in her new clothes. I undressed the doll and then it hit me! We brought the wrong baby. They thought I was trying to pass off a Target baby in Bitty Baby's clothes. Holy crap!!! Little do they know we do indeed own Bitty Baby and just happened to dress the wrong baby that morning. No wonder they looked at me so oddly. I could not figure it out at the time. There were tons of other children there with their dolls that were buying new accessories. Why were they treating us so differently?

Now I get it ... and I must say it is too funny! But be sure the next time we swing in for a new look for Bitty Baby we will make sure we actually bring her!


  1. Fact: I own every single one of the original American Girl dolls, their books, and every darn clothing/furniture item that ever came in that magazine.

    Fact: I have not touched these things since I was like 13. Hopefully I'll have girls.

    Fact: I am excited to have margaritas with you in like a week.

  2. Shelby was right.

    My hair does look like a brown football helmet.

  3. Oh I loooove the American Girl Dolls!!! I have Kirsten and Samantha and used to play with them everyday allll day!

  4. My mom took my cousins and their little girls there over the summer. The pictures were adorable. The little seats at the table and all the blush and bashful! I wish I could have made the 7 hr. trip south to join them! So much fun!

  5. That story is too funny!! I have PD's 3 American Girl dolls, clothing, accessories, and furniture right back there in one of the guest rooms:-) Hopefully she will have a daughter someday. I do Love those dolls! PD and I went to the American Girl store in Chicago last year. It was great!!

  6. We are planning to take our Little Red for her birthday..good to know..bring actual AG doll = no weird looks...check!

  7. We have 4 American Girl dolls & 1 Bitty Baby (for a 2 yr old) & countless other "must-haves". We spend so much in that place they should treat us like freakin' royalty!

  8. LOL! I have two boys so I haven't had to buy a bitty baby but if I ever do, I will remember your story!! Too Funny!
    Did the place look like it had been hosed down with Pepto-Bismal? :)

  9. I'm getting the bitty baby for my 3 year old for easter, I can't believe I'm actually starting her off with the american girl stuff. I can't imagine how much this is gonna cost me over the years!!!

  10. that is hysterical & i really did laugh out loud at your flash back to steel magnolias!

  11. I've always wanted to go to the American Girl cafe! There is a store in Chicago and I want so badly to go. I'm a little old now, but hey it'd still be fun!



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