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Your questions ...

Did not get a lot of questions ... but some! Either I am boring or I tell too much about myself on a regular basis ... me thinks I am boring!!!

Here goes:

What is my favorite thing to monogram? I love all my things monogrammed ... it makes them feel special. They are white, over sized and adorned with chocolate brown monograms in Fishtail. They are lovely! The best part ... when they get dirty I just send them in a bleach cycle and they are good as new!

Do my kids create Lego's and put them on shelves? Why ... yes, they do! Have you been to my house? They love it and I dislike it .. have you ever tried to dust a Lego battleship?

How did Hair Girl and Clemsongirl and I meet? Well, hold on to your coffee ... here is the story ... Hair Girl and I met a couple of years ago through our mutual friend, June Cleaver. After a few girls trips sharing the same room (and bed) we became dear friends. Our boys are the same age and have the same interests ... it is easy for them to hang out. She is a fabulous hair dresser and we all adore her. I would trust no one with Little Misters hair ... he has two crowns and three cowlicks and if it is not cut correctly it screams "special ed".

Clemsongirl and I met in May. She picked me up off my blog. Don't let her tell you anything else. She invited me over to a party she was having and we became instant best friends. I will love her forever!!! She is funny and completely true blue. Will not judge (unless you forget to buy the covers for your outside pipes) and will always bail you out of jail!!!

Hair Girl and Clemsongirl met through our mutual friendships and it clicked! Not all friends do ... that I know!

Anything else you are dying to know ... I was sure you would bombard me with questions about my kids and my amazing fashion. It is not everyone who can pull off the Jcrew sweater, Old Navy hot pink sweatpants and Uggs look so well. Hee, hee! At this point I am too cold to wear jeans and yummy shoes. I am too frozen!

I have a question for each of you ... how did you find me? How did we become friends in this blog cul-de-sac??


  1. Oh! me me!

    How excited are you to go out to dinner with me [all through our mutual relationship with ClemsonGirl] in like 2 weeks?!?! What is your favorite flavor of margarita?


  2. I think I found you in the sidebar of Ladybug's Picnic. I have no idea how I found her. I also like Clemson Girl who I found through you. I have broken off many a battleship/helicopter/Lego racecar part in my time, he gets real ugly when that happens!

  3. I think I found you through Clemsongirl, but I honestly can't remember!

  4. I stand corrected, I got Clemson Girl from Ashley's Closet and you from Clemson Girl.

  5. Hmmm...Sippycups and Clemson Girl, of course. And I am most glad for the find!

    You having made two dear friends via the blogosphere is a testament to the benefits of having a blog and the beauty of the women who blog. No judgement, no envy and really care about what happens in your's pretty special.

  6. Love reading about all of the adventures that you get into! I have tagged you on my blog because I'd love to know more!

  7. Just wanted to say that I've been lurking for a month or so and this is my first comment for you! I love your blog and I came upon it from Clemsongirl. I have NO IDEA how I found her blog but it is such a blessing to have such a great friendship like you guys have!

  8. Hi Pink Clutch!

    I "found" you through CLEMSONGIRL and her blog. Her blog talks about real issues and naturally when she starting talking about the pink clutch I popped over. I discovered that both of you are funny and entertaining plus realistic.
    I always enjoy reading your thoughts as I do reading CLEMSONGIRL.
    Enjoy your day.

  9. I found you through Blue Eyed Bride. I love reading about your daily antics! I now have a new appreciation for monogramming everything! My husband thinks I've gone off the deep end.

  10. I can't remember. But I found Preppy Paper Girl from you and then I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Christmas open house here in Homewood. I bought most of my Christmas gifts from the two of you.

    Have you seen the Lily stuff yet? I can't wait to see it!

  11. I honestly can't remember how I found you, but it was the cute name of your blog that caught my eye! I love clutch purses and a Pink Clutch - why I had to venture over and read you!! I love your blog! I am so glad that you are enjoying the life of a Lego Mom. My children are 29 and 25, so it has been many years ago for me! But I still have their {well, really son's cause daughter was not really into that} Legos in rubbermaid containters. Never getting rid of those :-) xoxo

  12. I found you through Clemsongirl!!! Love your posts! I have two boys and am not afraid to admit that I personally HATE Legos!!!

  13. I found you through Clemsongirl and Sippycups. I'm hooked!! I have made a few friends through the blogging world as well and LOVE it!

  14. I found you through Pink Owl and Just Ask Beth - and found Clemson Girl through you. Love your blog, and you monogrammed me through several holidays.....for which I am very grateful!

  15. found you from clemson girl and found her while looking online for these fun napkins that say "mommy's sippy cup" and have a picture of a wine glass on them. Not sure how that search got me there, have a blog now never know huh.

    Here's my ?, how did you meet the lawyer?

  16. oh, here's another ?. Who is doing the babyshower for hair girl? You know she doesn't even have a baby spoon or a burp cloth after all these years. Think PINK!!



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