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LA ...

I am loving my trip ... what can I say? I have not been on vacation by myself in 18 months. I was in desparate need of some me time!!!

Friday is a blurr ... racing to get to the airport on time is not my favorite thing to do. Lawyer drove me and insisted I would make my flight even though we left at 9:45 and my flight was 11:10. He knows what he speaks ... that is true! Got to the gate just as they were boarding ... perfect timing.

I arrived to freezing cold weather and rain. Don't they know it is not supposed to rain in LA? I was prepared for sunny skies and 70 degrees. My outfit was not enough for 50 and pouring rain. Let's just say I miss my uggs!! Poor planning!!!

I spent all day yesterday snuggled up to the sweetest baby boy ... I am completely smitten and totally doing all I can to spoil them both. It is currently 8:30 am here and Hollis is still sound asleep in bed while I am blogging and watching sweet baby sleep. You so quickly forget how sweet they are at only 8 weeks. I was so sleep deprived I am sure I would have traded my first born stricken with colic to a hooker on the corner for another hour of sleep. How sad is that?

We snuck away yesterday after lunch for Confessions of a Shopaholic. It is darling and I highly suggest to take it in. Very cute and the fashion is to do for!! I am on lock down in the shopping department ... but if not I could have easily strolled into the sample sale across from the theatre I spotted as we left! We all love some retail therapy ... but I am very thankful that Lawyer and I have no credit card debt. That would be frightening in this economy!

Finished off the night with thai food and Sweet Home Alabama. Our green curry with tofu was amazing and we split that and Pad Sewee. Absolutely the cutest thai place ever!!!! Decorated like Anthrologie and smelled of heaven ... what more is there?

I am off to warm sweet baby's bottle and make some coffee ...

I will be in debt to Lawyer for another 18 months for spoiling me with this trip. He is the best and I am thankful to call him my Valentine!!

Kisses to you, MPM


  1. So glad that you are having such a divine trip!! Hope the weather gets better!! Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!

  2. This is what happens to me every time I go home to LA for break. Winter break it was colder in LA than it was in DC! I am sure it will rain my whole spring break :(

    Glad you are having a good time though!

  3. Glad you are having a good trip!! I really want to see Adventures of a Shop. this weekend...

  4. Love your blog, im your new groupie. Glad you're having a blast:)

  5. where are you pink clutch? back safe and sound...?



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