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Bachelorette bebe!!!

In this weeks OK! magazine you will find a photo layout of Trista Sutter's baby sprinkle hosted by friends and family. I watched this season of the Bachelor series and fell in love with both Trista and Ryan immediately. Imagine my surprise when one of Trista's friends contacted my and asked if I would make products to place into the sprinkle goody bags. I was thrilled. We settled on the Monogrammed Frame and I got busy making 5o of them. Shipped them off to Colorado during a blizzard and prayed they would arrive.

They arrived safely and were loved by all. I am beyond thrilled!! Her friend Kelly was so dear and so kind and so easy to work with.
So, if you get a chance pop out and get a magazine (Rhianna and Chris Brown on the cover) ... it is a great article and heaven knows we all need to read a little bit more about the tragic happenings with Rhianna. It makes me sad to even think about it ...


  1. How cute! I love Trista & Ryan too! Ryan's hot! How neat for you to have the chance to do goodies for her party!

    P.S. Preppy 101 is the best!!!

  2. That's so cool that you got to make something for her sprinkle! You're so talented, so I'm not shocked, but that's still so neat!

  3. That is so awesome! Who knows where that might lead for your business!!

  4. So cute! I almost didn't recognize her with such dark hair. I live in Miami and a few of my friends knew her when she lived here. Your blog is so cute..I started reading when I found A Southern Accent and her blog header giveaway- I didn't win. :( I have my own giveaway on my blog and I think you might like what I am giving away. Check out
    Thanks! Kristin

  5. How fun!!!

    You are FAMOUS!

    I never watched the show with her, but I did watch their wedding...I think she is just so adorable.



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