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Last of the clean out ...

Ok ... here is the last of the stock to clean out ...
everything still available in listed in this post. If it is not listed here it has already sold ...
Hope you love it ...

Beach stuff towel and back pack $10 ($15 monogrammed)
Silver frames $8 - email me the color you would like your bow to be.
There are two 4x4 (on left) and seven 4x6

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Everyday pillowcases $5 ($8 monogrammed) ... orange and pink/black still available!

Reversible throws ... $6 ($10 monogrammed)
2 turquoise/lime and 3 red/blue left

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Paper weights $6 - ONLY P LEFT!

Lilly night lights $10 ... can not be monogrammed! - SOLD!

Towel back packs $8 ($12 monogrammed)
only two orange/pink left

Three wine glasses left $8 each ... L, B, S
Toe Goz flip flops left:
Size 7 - pink houndstooth, palm trees, brown/pink dot, black paisley, pink/lime stripe
Size 8 - navy/white dot
Size 9 - black braid, mint/brown stripe - BOTH SOLD
Size 10 - black paisely, black/white houndstooth, pink braid, pink/blue crabs, bermuda bags
Flip flops listed in red are sold!
Comment and leave me your email so I can invoice you ... I am sorry to not have a current photo of the flip flops left ... but my camera just DIED!!! There are photos of each shoe already posted in the last two days!
Happy shopping!!


  1. I want the "M" paperweight!
    Please and Thank YOU!!!


    email the paypal invoice to

  2. Can I add on to my order 4 of the Ho Ho Ho pillowcases & 2 of the Merry Ho Hos? I haven't paid my inviove from yesterday so maybe you can send me a new one?


  3. I would like the pink/blue crab in size 10, please! Monogrammed!

  4. I would like the E and L paperweights. Thanks

  5. i'd like the pink/white houndstooth flip flops in 7, please. and monogrammed.

  6. Hello :) I sent you an e-mail yesterday, but I know you are super-busy cleaning - I already paid my invoice and just wanted to make sure that you are sending me 1 of each letter "k" "b" and "a" wineglasses. Thanks!

  7. I want the mint/brown stripe size 9! thanks

  8. I would like the "Ho Ho Ho" with green and white polka dot ribbon and the "Merry Ho Ho" with the same matching ribbon!!! Thanks :).

  9. I'll take the two Lilly nightlights if they are still available!

  10. Hi!

    Great stuff! I would like 1 of the Lilly nightlight and 1 4X7 picture frame - could you do orange ribbon?

    You can email me at

    my blog is:


  11. Hi

    Can get the black and white paisley sz 10 flip flops with monogramming.


  12. I would like the Lilly nightlights if they are still available. Thanks!

  13. I would love 2 of the christmas pillowcases...My preference is (based on what you may have left) is 2 HoHo, or a Merry Merry and a Merry Hoho, or Merry Dreams.

    please send paypal invoice to
    zy1125 at mindspring dot com

  14. I'd love the black braid flip flops in size 9.



  15. I'd love 4 of the christmas pillow cases...HoHoHo or any combo of whatever you have. Can I pay you in person when we have COFFEE soon?

  16. Oooh, I would love one of the silver frames size 4x6. I'm not sure if I can choose any color ribbon or just those pictured. If I can choose any color, I'd like a light blue and white or a complimentary color. If it's just the colors shown then the blue and green.

    my e-mail is
    amdavee at gmail dot com

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