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Some paperwork to go over ...

Ok ... shipping is progressing! All items not needing a monogram are boxed and ready to head out ...

That is except those who have still not paid ... there are 6 of you I am still waiting payment from ... and I will not list you, but you know who you are. If you have changed your mind ... no biggie just drop me an email so I can put your items back up for sale.

Otherwise, get over to paypal and get it taken care of!

Thanks again for shopping! Once everything is shipped I may have more items ... so keep in touch!



  1. Pink Clutch,
    If any of those items go UNSOLD please broadcast asap. I am kicking myself that I did not read your blog eariler in the day. I would have LOVED to have purchased some of these items. You know...stimulated the economy!

  2. That fred e-mail is me! I forgot that the pay pal is set up under my husband's e-mail. Mine is
    amdavee at gmail dot com

    would you mind taking his e-mail off of the post...just to be sure he doesn't get spammed.



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