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Spring cleaning the studio ...

Heads up girls!!! Today I am cleaning out the studio to make room for all the new stuff! And you never know what I might find. The best part? It will all be available to you to purchase dirt cheap!!!! Nothing over $15!!!! Hello ... can you say SALE!!!

Check back all day ... I will be loading items for sale at first come, first serve!

A sneak peek ... here is what I have found so far ...

Toe Goz flip flops
Ribbon pillow cases
Brown pattern frames
Raffia slippers
Lilly Button slippers
Wine glasses
Navy & Green towel wraps
And who knows what else I will find!!
Ok, here are the deets ... I will load photos and prices. You can choose products and comment and the first person to comment gets the item. There are plenty of items ... don't panic ...
... get ready!!!



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