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Um ... that's funny!

Sitting here with Lawyer and a large glass of wine watching mindless TV. Ok ... I confess I was watching Samantha Who?. Not a great show ... but funny enough. Samantha's mother is frighteningly familiar!!!

Where was I? Oh yes ... there was a commercial for a late night show with guest Zac Efron tonight. I just love him ... probably too much! I confessed to my husband my love for cute young Zac.

Me: Is is bad that I have a huge crush on him?
Lawyer: No. I have a huge crush on him too!

Oh ... he is funny! Now I remember why I love him.

And since he just paid $1100 to get the Yukon XL fixed ... we adore him!



  1. Zac was on Saturday Night Live last weekend. He is a cutie for sure.

  2. Also LOVE looking at Zac Efron... not sure if I bought HSM3 for Big Girl or me? hmmm.... yikes about the car!



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