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Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to each of you! You work harder than you ever thought you would and the hours are long, the pay stinks and the vacation days are few and far between ... but the rewards of sweet smiles and homemade gifts are priceless!!!

If you were here with me here is what I would share with you ...

Cuz I am just that kind of girl ...
Happy Day!!!


  1. Happy (belated) Mother's Day! Looks like the pie lawyer made was divine!

  2. Hope your day was perfect!! Menu looks uber-delicious!! xoxo

  3. so I was "blog-hopping" while (not) working today and came across your little spot in cyber space... very cute and funny! Oh, and I am also a mongram-fanatic, haha.

    all the best, your new faithful reader :)

  4. Deee-lish. Hope you had a great day!



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