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She is my absolutely my baby ...

Yesterday as a reward for excellent behavior all day I took the kids to the pool at 6 pm. Yes ... it was near freezing ... and no ... they did not care one bit. They swam for about an hour and had an amazing time. I sat in a chair and watched happily. There was no way my body was trying out the freezing cold water. Just as our time was winding down Babycakes decided to jump off the diving board. She jumps off ... swims to the side ... climbs out and starts over again. After about fifteen minutes of this she is exhausted and ready to take a bath and go straight to bed. Perfect plan!!

She is busy jumping, swimming, climbing and back in line and she is standing on the diving board when a boy walks up behind her to get in line. She is busy walking down the diving board and looking at the boy (total jack leg of a kid) and she slips with her left leg and falls off the diving board into the pool. On the way off the board she scrapes her right leg quite a bit and bangs up her knee. She emerges from the pool crying and our time at the pool quickly ends. The poor life guard, who I am convinced was brand new on the job, jumped up in his seat and prepared to dive in to save her.

We arrive home and and she is changing into warm pjs and bursts into tears. She wants to know if her "tete" with turn black like mine did. Oh ... it did not even occur to me! I did the same thing at the lake!!!

At the end of a girls weekend in March I was walking back to the lake house on the dock. It was after midnight and we had been jumping into the icy cold lake. It was so cold it would literally take your breath away. I have never been in colder water! But ... they dared me.

Anyway ... we were done jumping and were walking back to the house on the dock. It was dark and I was talking to one of my friends. Just as we rounded the corner I stepped into the boat slip with one leg and fell into the water. It was awful and a night I would not like to relive any time soon. I was in shock ... hurt and crying. Not to mention laughing and a little overserved! I had to be pulled out of the water half conscious and completely embarrassed! All in all ... not good.

When I hit the dock I made contact with my "tete" and there was a bruise like no other in the nether regions. Not to mention bruised ribs, bruised collarbone and bruised muscles all down my ride side. The entire accident took weeks to heal and I am still suffering from sore ribs.

What does Babycakes remember ... the bruised "tete". She was convinced it would never be normal again!! I assured her last night that she would have bruises on her leg and the scrapes would be sore ... but the rest of her was perfectly fine!!! She was greatly relieved!

But as I fell asleep last night it occurred to me ... that apple did not fall far from the tree!!


  1. Oh no! I hope she feels better soon! Its so funny how kids process things like that. Good thing she has a grea mom to help set things straight for her!

  2. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has done something silly and ended up with a black and blue "area"

  3. What a cute story. Don't you love that you have a little girl that's just like you!?



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