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My day has FINALLY come!!!

Lawyer and I are watching the closer on DVR. (Little Mister and I were watching Camp Rock and it overlapped!!! And then there was the big Jon and Kate announcement I missed ... but really? Do we not know where that poor family is headed??)

Where was I? Oh yes ... well Lt. Grey Hair mentioned that the new B with an itch on the show once filed charges against his partner for being a misogynist. He said they had to look it up.

Hee hee ... I giggled!

The next thing I know Lawyer has out his laptop and is googling ...

And to my excitment he is looking up the word misogynist!!!

He did not know what it meant!

Seriously?? That never happens to me ... never!!! He frequently uses words I have to google. And most of the time I have to phonetically spell them because I have never heard them! Usually when he is speaking about me or the kids. And I always feel pretty lame.

But not tonight. No ... not tonight!!!


  1. So funny! I do that all the time, google stuff. Whether it be a word, a spelling, a dispute over what other movie that chic was in in 1988. My hubby and I are always "googling" each other to figure out who's right and who's wrong! I LOVE it when I'm actually right (which is never!)



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