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A salad bar in my kitchen ...

We had lunch today at Ruby Tuesdays ... not my first choice ... but good food!!!

I had the salad bar complete with cukes, edamame, shredded carrots, fresh beets, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and many other goodies.

As we were leaving I was thinking ... why do I not have a salad bar at home??? I would eat salad twice a day ...

And then I thought ... that would be pretty easy to do. Spend some time one day a week on prep work and I can have yummy salad each and every day!!

My grocery list ...
fresh spinach
romaine lettuce
shredded carrots
fresh diced beets
sliced almonds
dried cranberries
green peas
feta cheese
golden raisins (thanks for the suggestion)
sunflower seeds (can't believe I forgot)

protein add ins ...
hard boiled egg
grilled salmon (must plan ahead for this one)

What would you add to my list ...


  1. I love their salad bar! That is the only thing I eat from there. You chose all of my fav ingredients (minus the beets!). I also love their vinaigrette dressing (PS - they will sell it to you if you ask them).

  2. sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans and a couple great dressing choices.

  3. Sugar snap peas!! They are my favorite!

  4. candied pecans!have you ever tried the strawberry poppyseed salad at Panera? Yum, and very easy to recreate.

  5. Red onion. Cherry tomatoes.

    Cute blog BTW!

  6. Love their salad bar! Their crab cakes are great, too. Walnuts are delicious. I also love chopped black olives on mine.

  7. Artichoke hearts and hearts of palm. Blue cheese occasionally instead of feta, and pine nuts instead of sunflower seeds.

  8. Shredded mozz beans and corn for a mexican salad... kalamata olives...mmm im hungry



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