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When the day stinks ... count the minutes until 5:00!

Some days just stink (read suck!!) ... there is no other way to word it. Today is that day for me!!

7 am ... woke up ... Lawyer grunted at me.

I should have known ... day for me can only go down hill from there!

Lost my cup of hot coffee ... when I found it it was ice cold!
Misplaced cell phone ... FINALLY found it!
Babycakes morning playdates she was waiting on cancelled!
Forecast ... rain! (My middle child HATES rain ... he is sporting a hoodie at camp today! Always a good look for June)
Drive 30 minutes downtown to pay $45 non moving traffic violation ... in the rain!
Bon Qui Qui at the Municipal Court window and her waving finger told me off!
(Seriously ... my $45 ticket requires a court appearance ... how can that be a good use of the court's time?)
Called Lawyer ... huge mistake! He does not like to be bothered at work!
Remember after arriving at Ikea that they only serve Pepsi ... which might as well be relabeled brown water!
Drive home to a grumpy 12 year old ... always a good day!
Pick up kids from camp ... Babycakes hurts her sweet friends feelings ... that sucks! And their scheduled play date is in the toilet!
Arrive (with two kids instead of just one) at Gap to purchase jeans for my hoodie wearing 8 year old ... and realize I am without my purse! Always a bad plan ...
Drive home with two crying kids ...

We are all having a "time out" and I am counting the minutes until 5 pm.

Cuz any bad day can be made better with a cocktail and take out!



  1. Sorry you had a bad day! Hope it gets better!

  2. Whoa! Now that is a BAD day! At least tomorrow is Friday ;)

  3. Sounds like a big cocktail is in order. My husband doesn't like me to call him @ work either (although if he is not busy he can call me 18 times in one day since I am not busy at home :) )

    Hang in there. Tomorrow is on it's way!

  4. Wow, just the fact that you had energy left to post all that says something about your stamina. Hope you have a couple of drinks. Better day tomorrow.

  5. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere...right



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