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Beach camp!

These two cuties are headed to the Kids Club today. They will play games, do art, swim, eat and have a blast until 3 pm.

We are all very excited!!



  1. I hope they have fun!!

  2. Sounds like fun! Always nice to have some adult time too!

  3. super cute pic! Looks like a great summer!
    off topic note - thanks for the delish Nordy Bar inspiration. We had a party that week and everyone loved them, so I gave the recipe to my sis. All was good until she offered one to a friend that saw a cookie and didn't think "Nordstrom" when she offered him to try "One of My Nordy Bars" - yah. when you say it like that, it comes out sounding like "Minority Bars" - I couldn't stop laughing when she told me what happened. Thanks for the recipe and the giggles!



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