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Nordstrom does a girl good!!

So kind of a yucky day here in the Lawyer house. Lawyer and I had a fight before he left for work (yuck!) and I am stuck with too many projects this week and not enough motivation. After painting the boys outer bathrooms yesterday I was not up for painting the upstairs hall today! I spent the first part of the day tidying and trying to get motivated and then finally gave up! I got dressed, added some mascara and lip gloss and headed out the door.

Lawyer recently rejected the Havianas I purchased for him so they needed to be returned. I headed for Nordstrom to make my return and stroll the shoe department. I did not purchase today (why make the tension even worse!) but they did have some amazing sandals that would have been very happy living in my closet! After shopping I headed upstairs to gather lunch from the cafe. If you have never been to the Nordstrom Cafe I highly recommend you check it out! The food is divine and the cafe always receives amazing reviews! To top it off ... the Nordy bar is pure heaven! Today I ordered a Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut salad (to go) and a large Ginger Peach tea. And of course ... one Nordy bar!

I am not sure if it is the retail environment or the cafe, but Nordstrom just makes me happy! I loathe the mall idea but I will venture into Perimeter Mall on one particular end. If you enter through the Nordstrom parking garage you can visit Nordstrom, JCrew and Bloomies without venturing "into" the mall itself. I think it is all of my years working retail that has made me loathe the mall setting and the people who either walk the mall for exercise or hang out there to kill time. The thought of them makes me itch!

As I was standing in line waiting for my salad a very attractive man standing next to me informed me that my collar was falling down. After checking it out I realized he was right. I sat down my bag and my tea and popped it up and back into place! He smiled, nodded and said ... I do love a prep!

And I do appreciate a compliment!!!

I must say ... I have been enjoying my day since then just fine!!



  1. I can be in tears, find my way into Nordy's and I am a happy girl. I don't even need to buy anything (though I often do) and just being there makes everything ok.

    Glad someone else understands b/c my husband sure doesn't!

  2. haha that story made me smile!

  3. It's amazing what a smile and a couple of kind words can do. I'm with you on the mall thing. We don't have a really fabulous mall in Charleston to start with so I'm always a little worried about random gunfire there myself.

  4. ahhh. Nordstrom takes me to a happy place...that post made me smile..

  5. I love the cafe at NORDSTROM (no s!)...recently enjoyed the same salad...yum, sorry your day was rough!

  6. I feel the same way about Nordstroms. I feel better instantly once I hear the music coming from the live piano and smell the fragrance from the perfume department.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the nordstroms we have the bistro and it is my fav place to grab lunch! However I have NEVER had or heard of the Nordy bars I must try them!!! and my mom is the queen of collar popping! Glad your day got better nothing worse than starting the day fighting with the hubby! Hope you found the energy and motivation to finish all your STUFF!

  8. Love that salad at Nordstrom, too! I always order it when we go. And I always, always park at the Nordstrom parking garage...



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