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One of the many reasons ...

Fourteen years into a marriage, three kids, a house, two cars, errands galore, stress, medical bills ... etc!!! it is hard to remember why two people fell in love and decided to spend their lives together. I am a romantic and I try to keep my spark alive. Lawyer is a workaholic and very stressed 24/7 and is annoyed most of the time with my giddy in love spirit. There is no one on this planet who can make me crazier! All this being said ... I adore my husband. I love him dearly! And I think it is very important to remember those fall in love moments. The little tiny events that add up to ... yes, I will marry you.

Tonight on his way home he offered to pick up take out. (I adore take out and he knows it!!) I am a vegetarian and he is a meat lover. He was not sure what to pick up. I am tired and truly do not care what he brings me as long as it is on the plate and handed to me!!!

I told him to surprise me ... who knows what I get! As I am sitting and waiting I remembered a fall in love moment which I will share with you.

Early 1993, law office in downtown Orlando ... Lawyer and I (the office Paralegal) were working late. (Read he kept me late at the office working for him on some huge case he left to the last minute!!) We were not dating ... but he begun to show an interest in me and I was beginning to notice him differently and not just as the annoying, self absorbed, golden boy down the hall with an attitude for days. He left the office for an errand and returned with take out for us to share. He had no idea what I liked for dinner so he literally bought one of EVERY single item on the menu. We had take out boxes of fettucini, spaghetti, manicotti, lasagne and more than I can not even remember. I will never forget him standing in the doorway with the bags saying to me ... "I was not sure what you ate so I bought it all". He could have brought me dirt in a box and it would have been special!


p.s. I received a veggie taco from Moe's with his comment of ... "I am not sure I will ever order an Hard Ugly Naked Guy ever again"!!


  1. What a great post!! This is good advice Miss Pink Clutch - to always remember those "fall in love" moments.

  2. That is priceless. His comment was too funny. It is nice to remember those fall in love moments. At our busy house those momments are sometime few and far between. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. aww that is so cute!!

  4. What a wonderfully romantic memory! Loved this post!!!



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