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Seriously ... I got nothing!

All I have done this week can be summed up in four statements ...

I have watched the Caring Bridge website for my nephew for hours on end.
I have purchased a bazillion school supplies and books.
I have purchased school clothes, shoes and fall sports gear.
I have organized the house for back to school.

Really? Yeah that would be it! If the paparazzi were following me they would have either (a.) fallen asleep on the job and missed the one time I may have done something remotely interesting ... or (b.) prayed that Britney would fall off the wagon so they could be reassigned.

Not kidding ... I am that dull!

And you ?


  1. Not exciting either.

    But don't you love Caring Bridge?
    Sadly, very sadly, we have used it twice. It is a God-send for the family and their loved ones.

    {Hugs} to you as you pray for your nephew. xoxo

  2. So exciting here. hee hee

    Today we hit the outlets and Beef O'Brady's.

    Next up? Driving range.

  3. There are some great bargains on school supplies! I wish I was as prepared for the start of school as you are.

    I hope the news you are reading on Caringbridge is encouraging!

    We got our koozies - they are awesome! I dropped it right off to my happy hour friend. Unfortunately, no time for a beverage then but we will use them before summer's end! Thanks for doing such a great job!



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