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The battle of the Venus ...

About a year ago I caught Lawyer using my Venus razor. Totally busted him using the pink razor! He admitted he had been sneaking it for a while and that it was "the bomb". It took me a while but I finally moved past it and bought him a blue one. He was in love!

Fast forward to a business trip about six months ago and he leaves the blue Venus in the shower in a hotel. He came home Venus-less! But did he confess? That would be a NO! He just continued to use my pink razor and led me to believe I was running through those razor blades faster than ever. I know your hair changes when you get older ... so I was convinced my razor blades were dulling extra fast.

That was until I busted him again!

Fast forward again to the beach this summer. We are once again "sharing" a razor with our own blades. Do not ask me why ... I have no good answer! He was the last one to shower before we left and you guessed it ... he left it again. I swear the man would leave our kids behind if they did not talk!

Once we return home he goes out a purchases a new razor. Yes ... just one ... once again I have no idea why! He returns home with a purple one. Now ... I despise purple ... all my friends know of my dislike. Not only does he buy only one razor but he buys the ugly one with the nasty extra wide lotion edge on it!

I am left to purchase my own razor. I pick the blue/green stripe and I am loving my new choice! That is ...

... until today when I bust the youknowwhat using MY RAZOR again.

His comment ... "I thought this was mine. Why would I ever have bought a purple one for myself?"

I no longer have any comment!

His death is imminent and I will be completely vindicated once the female judge presiding over my case reads the facts!


  1. I have to admit that I love my venus as well, however, I have on occassion used the hubby's mach 3 (my own blad of course)!!!

  2. I hate that! When I was young, my brothers would tease my sisters by using their razors. Thank goodness they were gone by the time I got my Venus (which are amazing!).

  3. i've been a venus fan for years - however i'm not buying blades at the moment (limited income until the dear hubby gets employed again) so i'm using my pretty colored disp. Bics - you know the ones that come in pinks, greens, blues and dreaded purple. I too hate purple! I look forward to the day of being able to justify the razor blades again!

  4. I am with you! Too funny about the purple!

  5. *LoL* That's hilarious. I've caught the hubs doing that before...but I've stolen one of his cheapies before when I was out of refills for my Venus! I left you something on my blog!

  6. Haha! Giggling my way through that story! Guys are so funny "sneaking" womanly things that they refuse to confess to liking.

  7. I love my venus! I wonder if my fiance is ever tempted to use it? Haha! This is a hilarious post!

  8. ps- to you shop at Costco? You can get a pack of about three years worth of blades there for nothing.

  9. haha, that is hilarious. I've caught my brothers stealing my Venus- they'll switch blades and leave the handle in the sink after shaving--and they think I won't notice!



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