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Grab your wine ... this is a long one!

Ok ... here is my catch up post!  There is lots to report ...

The good news ...
My nephew Scott is doing well.  He is getting stronger and stronger each and every day!  He has been telling his story to churches and groups.  He is truly an inspiration to me.  He wasn't supposed to live.  He not only made it but will make a full recovery.  I am in awe of the miracle God has performed in his life. 

Monogram Me is sooo busy!  It is show season and I am working day and night.  I am tired and have worked hours on end ... but you will not hear me complain.  Busy = success!  New products hit the blog Monday ... so make your lists.  There are so many cute items!!!

The kids are good.  Actually they are great!  Little Mister has gone almost a month without a trip to the principal.  (Now that I have said it I will get a call tomorrow)  He now calls her Martha (only at home I swear) and is working each day towards lunch with her on Fridays.  I have tried to explain to him that most kids do not want to spend their lunch time with "Martha" ... but he does not seem to compute!

Little Lawyer is zooming along in 7th grade.  He has spent his school career being the quiet kid.  Doesn't say much and kind of runs under the radar.  Not this year.  He is blossoming and it is truly funny to watch.  He got his first party invite and is now convinced he is popular.  In fact he has used that word numerous times this week.  He is one of 45 kids in the 7th grade in the private school he attends.  There ALL popular!
Two and a half months ago Lawyer decided to hang his own shingle.  I freaked out ... started praying, freaked out some more and then began to settle in.  I must say it is the best thing he has ever done.  He is almost stress free and loves working for his clients and not a firm.  Now if he would stay away from my to do list all would be perfect!  He is constantly checking on me ... bleech!

Now on to the sad part ...
As I reported above my nephew is doing well and will make a complete recovery.  He made a trip to South Carolina last week to be reunited with the three brothers involved in the rollover with him.  Since they all had different injuries they ended up different places.  One of the brothers is still in a coma ... but miracles are happening in his life as well.  My SIL and Scott returned home Thursday afternoon to SILs parents who had come for a visit.  Scott has not seen his grandparents since the accident.  They were enjoying some family time when his grandmother had a seizure.  She was transported to the hospital to check for a stroke.  She did not have a stroke but does have a inoperable brain tumor.  Her time left with them is uncertain but shorter rather than longer.  My heart is broken for my SIL yet again.  She almost lost a precious son three months ago in a terrible car accident.  He was spared!   Now she will lose her mother.  What does one say?  I litterally had nothing ... lots of tears, but no words!

Another caring bridge page is up.  She is now writing not one but two updates. 

Once again ... I am asking for your prayers ... for peace and strength in her terrible time!

I missed you guys ... hope you are all well!!!
xoxo ... MPM


  1. Praying for these needs! God bless you for being such a strong & faithful person!

  2. Your sister in law is so lucky to have you. Way to go LIttle Mister and Mr. Popularity ;-) I've major changes happening. Will post on it soon! xoxo

  3. Missing you, too. Glad you're busy, glad that shingle hanging is working out and soooooo sorry for your SIL's mother. Praying and sending best wishes and a big monogrammed hug your way.



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