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Some advice please ...

Ok ... I am throwing this out to you!

Little Mister does have learning issues but his main struggle is anxiety!

He responds to almost every scenario in the negative because he lives in fear.  He will initially say yes to almost everything and then process it ... change his mind and complete the task in record time and most of the time without any errors.  If we could lose the anxiety we could gain so much ground.

Advice?  Thoughts ...

I will take it all!


  1. I know this will sound silly but I promise it has a background. Have you thought about clothing? I know of several children with a similar issue (in addition to other issues though) who feel much less anxious is tight clothing. So they often wear a tight shirt or body suit (think leotard or one of those running shirts that is like a second skin) under their regular clothes. I guess it is sort of like a constant hug or body pressure. I believe it calms the circulation system or something.

  2. I actually work as a school counselor, I'm home sick today. I would say give your child's guidance counselor a call and see if she or he can be of help. There are alot of good solutions. One is to talk about what would happen he fails at something? Will mom be mad? Dad be mad? Teacher mad? Reassure him that no one will be mad and that it's okay to make mistakes. Your pediatrician is also another great resource as some kids are just wired to be more anxious. Good luck please let me know if I can be of more help.

  3. If you're looking to overcome anxiety, you've asked the wrong girl. Sigh...

  4. My son got himself so worked up about having to be in the costume parade at school that he got sick. Well that's one way to get out of it. So I got nothing.

  5. I used to be the child who was in the principals office every day for naughtiness and was very anxious about all school work (to the point of constipation).

    Some of it was not understanding instructions (I still have trouble hearing words when people speak and I can't see their lips). This was solved by getting the teacher to write all instructions for me. That way, the book I thought I had to read in one night, was actually needed to be read by next week.

    The second was that I didn't want to receive anything other than top marks (becuase I was leaving my home town (decided at 8) and I needed to escape to Uni).

    To overcome that - I had to literally tell myself over and over again - if I don't get an A (insert win, be top of class, beat the boys, etc), no one dies, nothing of mine (that I have worked damn hard for) is taken away, life will continue. What is the downside?

    The big change for me came when I changed from a big public primary school to a small private high school. Ie. lost in the system vs really good teachers.

    He has you, and you obviously are spending time on his problem. That is a really good start.

  6. My son has a lot too. I wish I had some advice but I enjoyed reading the others. xoxo


  7. Honestly, I would need more specific info before I would attempt to offer any suggestions. I could only speak from experience of watching different types of behaviors in my 33 years of teaching. I have seen many things and even been able to help at times, but I need more info. xoxo



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