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Spring makes me happy!!!

I have been spending most of my time at the Hospice Center but did mention to steal away twice this week for some alone time.  Every second was like pure heaven.  I completed some laundry .. finished your orders and popped into Target ...

Oh happy day!!!

I am in love with the Liberty of London!!!

I am the proud owner of the Blue Grand Royal maxi dress and I am trying to talk myself out of purchasing the Pink Mark!!!  It is fabulous and super comfortable ...

I may or may not have bought something out of each section of the collection ... or as Clemsongirl says all of aisle 13 ... but that is just between you and me!!!

Check it out ... you will love it!!!


  1. I keep hearing how great the line is. I just have to get over to Target!

  2. Glad you took a little time for yourself, almost went to Target today, maybe next weekend. It can be good therapy. Take care

  3. I think you deserve a little pampering. Go back and get it!! xoxo



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